Recharge Wellness Center has been happily helping men and women feel better in the Tulsa community since 2017. We are very grateful to have such loyal customers and such wonderful individuals working for us.

Amy Westbrock is the owner of Recharge Wellness Center. Amy has an undergraduate degree in health and sports science from the University of Oklahoma along with a graduate degree from the University of Oklahoma medical school.  Taking more of an alternative approach, she chose to stay home and raise her children for the last  18 years. As they have become more independent, she has been dedicating her time to training and studying with Heather Walters. In hopes of bringing this opportunity and good health to others.

She first met Heather as her daughter was suffering with what she thought was ADD. She was curious to see what was wrong before starting on a traditional course of  stimulants. An evaluation was then done with Heather.  From these results, they discovered that she was suffering from severe anxiety and  this was keeping her from sleeping at night. Being exhausted and anxious can cause some people to appear to have the symptoms of ADD.  With Heather’s help they were able to get to the source of the problem to fix it instead of just taking a Band-Aid approach. She was curious as to how this approach could help everyone else in her life, even herself. She is a mom of five kids and obviously busy keeping up with everything.   She thought exhaustion was just part of the job description. Through her evaluation she was able to see that she wasn’t just worn out, there were real reasons for why she was constantly exhausted .

“It’s amazing to look back and see what a difference this new approach to health and wellness has made for my family”, she states. “I am so fortunate to have this opportunity to continue Heather’s new approach to improving ones immune system and fighting away whatever is stopping us from being our best version of ourselves.”

We are so excited to have Jennifer Nold joining our team this June. Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oklahoma receiving a Master of Arts in counseling. (License 6277) She believes the deepest human longing is to be known and to be loved. Often, our adverse life experiences cause fear, anxiety, anger, and confusion which keep us from the very thing that will heal us, authentic and deep connections with one another. It is her passion and life’s commitment to support and assist others into finding their path of freedom so that they may live a rich and deeply connected life with those they love.
She incorporates several modalities in treatment, primarily utilizing EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). EMDR is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively research and found to be effective for the treatment of adverse life experiences. EMDR utilizes the brain’s natural processing system through eye movements/and or bilateral stimulation to assist in processing memories that have become “stuck” in the memory network of the brain, thus creating maladaptive behaviors, negative cognitions, and/or limiting beliefs. EMDR is effective in treating the following:

Complicated grief
Disturbing memories
Panic attacks
Performance Anxiety
Sexual/physical/emotional abuse
Self-esteem issues

And much more…